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Roadmap 06-april-2016

WP1 (consolidation of Think Tank)

Task What Who When
1 adopt/ adapt provocation summary All ASAP
2 collate into position statement CV & all ASAP
3 1. refine 500-700 words provocation. CV to collate.

2. All to co-author journal article OR online hypertext (to be decided by consensus)

All 1. end of April

2. end of June

WP2 (development of funding bid)

Task What Who When
1 identify funding source/ scheme CV & all ongoing
2 draft initial method for consultation with team CV end of april
3 Define:

a) thesis (related to provocation WP1: 3.2)

b) research Q’s, aims, objectives

c) tactical research units, institution, theme/ lens, personal, costings

a) CV & all

b) CV & all

c) co-i’s

a) end of June

b) end of June

c) July

4 Submit CV end of July

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