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ITT and consciousness

Hi Craig

Following on from yesterday, here are a couple of articles about IIT, the first written in plain English and the second giving some idea of the complexities behind the theory. Perhaps these could be circulated to the group – but I wasn’t sure how to do it until you’ve organised the googledoc or whatever. I’ll hold off until then.
I’m not necessarily suggesting that we try to build a conscious machine! My reason for raising IIT was the desire to avoid the p-zombie, though. I think there are some useful ideas in IIT that could be applied in our context, although I’m rather unclear as to exactly how that might be done. Perhaps the collective mind can chew it over, then I can make some suggestions and people can decide whether or not this is a line worth pursuing. At the very least, I think the question of consciousness is an important part of our discussion. As you can see, Tononi et al argue that emotion is not essential for consciousness.
All the best

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